Class Overview: The Golem!

Golems might move slow at first, but given the chance to get their gears turning they can unleash devastating damage.

The Fighter Class Golem

Golems are large and in-charge, using their massive metallic bodies to soak up damage and protect their other party members. However, Golems can also unleash devastating amounts of damage if they get worked up enough!

Skill Breakdown


Basic Skills

The Golem starts out with Smash, Power Down, and Unwavering Power. Smash is an incredibly strong basic attack matched only by the Greenskeeper’s deadly blade. In a similar vein, no other rest move can restore as much HP as Power Down except the Greenskeeper’s repose. The Golem’s signature Basic Skill Unwavering Power is one of the most useful Tanking skills in the Verdant Grove, allowing the Golem to gain 10 HP if their health drops low enough. If used wisely, this skill makes the Golem almost unkillable!

Secondary Skills

After gaining some EXP, the Golem can unlock Shockwave Strike, Overclock, and Metal Body. Easily the most important skill to the Golem, Overclock, allows the Golem to gain the most SP out of any other class in a single turn at the cost of some HP. Using this influx of SP, the Golem can then unleash their devastating and literally stunning move Shockwave Strike which not only deals 6 Damage but will Stun its target for 1 turn! Well worth the the high 7 SP cost! Alternatively, the Golem can turn that fresh SP right back into HP using Metal Body the Golem can gain back 12 HP for a net gain of 7 HP per loop!

Tertiary Skills

The Golem only has one tertiary skill and that is Mechanical Swing. Similar to Shockwave Strike, what Mechanical Swing lacks in stun power it makes up for in critical damage dealing and unfathomable 16 Damage if the Golem’s HP is low enough! Only one skill outclasses Mechanical Swing in terms of raw power and that skill is…

Combo Skills

Truth and Death. Combining the power generation of Overclock with the damage of Shockwave Strike the Golem is able to unleash their ultimate skill Truth and Death which deals an incomprehensible 20 Damage! Of course this much power requires a great sacrifice of 10 HP from the Golem itself, but… What if Truth and Death knocks your HP below 6? Now you can use Mechanical Swing to its full extent and if you drop between 1-2 you can instantly restore 10 HP using Unwavering Power.