No Rules? No problem! Play your way!


Deck Quest Classic, made up of 335 unique Items, Roles, Adversaries, and Locations and is a new and innovative take on the classic tabletop RPG.

Have you ever wanted to get into tabletop roleplaying games but didn't want to bother with long guides and complicated rules? Want to just jump right in and make it up as you go? Need more lore for your existing tabletop campaign? Ever wanted to experience the open-ended nature of a sandbox game in tabletop format? Just want to laugh at silly puns? Deck Quest Classic is for you!

Wanna play?

Who can play?

Just about anyone can play Deck Quest! Young or old, experienced or new to tabletop RPGs, big groups or little groups, it does not matter! Deck Quest is flexible enough to be played in a myriad of different ways so you can make it work for you! 

We recommend ages 13 and up and group sizes of 4-9 players

Easy to Learn

Deck Quest is friendly for both new and old players alike! It's very easy to pick up, especially once you see how a typical game would go. It's also quite flexible--you can play it anywhere, anytime, and any way you want.

Open Ended

Deck Quest leaves it up to the players to interpret each card and decide what to do when faced with various situations. This makes the game fun for any group of players--the players and Game Master can adjust and adapt Deck Quest to any sort of playstyle they want. Want a casual, funny game? Sure! Want a serious, drawn-out game? Go for it!


We've taken great consideration in writing our cards to make sure they are both open enough for player interpretation, but still solid enough to provide structured gameplay. The writing style is relatively lighthearted and humorous, so you can also expect a chuckle or two while playing!


In a realm of magic and fantasy a powerful elder being known as Zlanzrwrss the Old One tugs at the hidden strings of fate and oblivion to control six powerful champions of good, evil, and the in-between to further his machinations of domination!

*Deck Quest Classic Trial Edition is free on Tabletop Simulator, but you have to buy Tabletop Simulator to play it. But it’s worth it.