As the petals begin to fall, the Verdant Grove is thrown into chaos



The Verdant Grove is the source of all Verdant Magic in the Realm. From its towering trees to dense woodlands, it teems with raw magical energy.

Recently, something has been abound within the Grove. Something not welcome here. With the reawakening of the archaic Golems and the whispers of dark magic witnessed deep in the woods, the balance of Verdant Magic is at odds within the Realm.

With the Verdant Queen unsettled by the chaos, what could possibly unfold in this adventure…?

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Who can play?

Deck Quest II: The Verdant Grove is best played with 4 players and an optional “Game Master.” That said, the game is very flexible from the base! You can also play solo, duo, trio, penta… And best of all, you can actually have fun and play too as the Game Master!


Terramancers are mages who specialize in the manipulation of the natural forces. They cannot mend living matter, but their mastery over natural landscapes is definitely a plus here in the Grove!

Greenskeepers are a special order who have taken the Oath of the Night to protect the Verdant Grove from all who pose a threat. Wielding powerful, elegant scythes, the Greenskeepers are a respected people within the Grove.

Golems are archaic legendary constructs. Once thought to be extinct, they have now been mysteriously brought back to life, searching for purpose and meaning.

Druids hail from the Verdant Grove itself and have been blessed with the secrets of Verdant Magic. In tune with the nature around them, you’ll definitely feel at home in the Grove!

Bosses & story

Rumor says that something has sparked the Golems’ reawakening in the Verdant Grove, and along with them the massive and indomitable Ancient Guardian!

Elsewhere deep in the Grove, the Court of Night seeks vengeance against an oath-breaking Greenskeeper and an Eldritch-allied Warlock.

At the heart of the Verdant Grove sleeps the Verdant Queen. Despite her slumber, her current peaceful nature will not last long with the resurgence of the Golems!

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