Frequently Asked Questions

Or just stuff we thought you’d like to know!

What games are you currently working on?

Right now we’re working on Deck Quest II and it’s initial launch sets of “The Verdant Grove”, “The Sinking Desert”, and “The Lost Sea”!

Where can I buy the original Deck Quest?

Unfortunately we’ve completely sold out! Thank you to everyone who purchased one of our 1,000 copies of the game! We will not be reprinting the original Deck Quest primarily because as a game, it’s too bloated. It was a great first attempt at a game though! If you want to play the original Deck Quest you can play the full version as it was printed here, or for $7.99 you can play the updated Deck Quest Classic 1.1 along with the unreleased Crafting Expansion here!

Do I need any previous sets to enjoy Deck Quest II?

No! Each set of Deck Quest II is created to work as a stand alone adventure, although you can connect and combine the sets to your modular hearts content!

I was playing the original Deck Quest and I was wondering if…

Due to the vague nature of the original Deck Quest, most if not all questions can be answered with “It’s up to your GM!” The original Deck Quest was meant to be played however you wanted. Although, if you still wanna get in touch with us to talk about game mechanics we’d love to tell you our thoughts!

Will Deck Quest Classic receive any more support?

Maybe! We still have two unreleased expansions for Deck Quest Classic. If we do decide to release them, they’ll be released through the Tabletop Simulator version of the game.