Who We Are

We like games. We have a fire for sharing our ideas with the world in fun and creative ways! Ultimately, we like bringing people together. So, we founded Garage Sofa Games in order to make that dream a reality!

Our Games

We strive to make our games unique, re-playable, and above all else: fun! Each and every one of our games is crafted with love, dedication, coffee (Sky says that tea is better tho [Sky doesn't get to decide what Ash drinks]), time, and effort.

Talk to us!

We can only be as great as our community--and spoiler alert--the tabletop gaming community is amazing!  Please don't hesitate to contact us, because we love hearing from you all!

Our Mission

To slay the dragon, find the treasure, and achieve fame and fortune. In other words... to have fun and share the creativity and imagination of RPGs with everyone!

Our Future

We seek to bring a new sense of fun to the table (literally) by introducing a new and innovative RPG for all to enjoy!